woensdag 7 maart 2012

YOUTH AGAINST FASCISM - libertad y justicia para quien? 7'' 1997 (chicago-IL)

01-ranchero chido
02-nazi scumheads
05-libertad y justicia para quien?
06-nuestra raza

Nuco - vocals
Fernando - guitar-vocals
Beto core - bass
Ferna - drums

released by ALARMA recs,think its defunct now,pretty hard to find releases,especially when your an euro bastard like me,but glad i picked it up when it came out,poor copied cover (who said i did a shitty 7'' cover ;-0) but it came with a biiiiiiig insert,all goooood.
after this one they changed name to YOUTH AGAINST and they released an lp/tape also on Alarma recs,but never been able to pick a hard copy,not even the tape version but recently spotted it in a polish distro so need to order it,but im boring you
here you have the mp3's of the 7''!  lyricsheet not included,will scan laterrrrrrrrr


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