maandag 12 maart 2012

FINAL WARNING - 1983 demo (portland-OR)

allright,mystery solved folks,thx to Gen!

this demo was sitting in my comp for yrs but didnt really know where these guys were from,NY/PDX?
had it up before as the NY one (pretty stupid coz they weren't around in that time) ,butchered the recordings too...

but now  2/3 yrs later,redid the whole thing,came out 10x better and this seems to be a pretty rare demo,it came out in '83 without tracktitles or anything
so can't provide em,but what i can give you is 3 nights of work in mp3 format
12 tracks of fast hc-punk-d-beat early style
don't know shit about d-beat,and not into discharge etc...but
Gen also told me they were the 1st band in the u.s. who played this style of music along with diatribe/iconoclast
so pretty cool to figure out
never expected this coz their other recordings sound completely different
but this demo is really,really gooooood!!!

oh yeah,changed track order... favorite tracks first....

PDX cd still available in several distro's on the net,which contains all studio recording,and a liveset from 1985...
the band/label should release this one too,on vinyl please? ;-0

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  1. hey dan
    did you sent the 7''
    i'm asking coz i haven't received them, so might be lost in post office..sent me a mail if you like


  2. bedankt, i am totally out of control : )))

    greetings from germoney


  3. This sounds great. Now, tracklisting please?