dinsdag 8 april 2014

submitted: GUERRA DE CERDOS (PIGS WAR) - y te sacaran los ojos lp 2014 (argentina)

think i posted something from them awhile ago...CRS...
but theyre doing something different this time.
no crossover/thrashy sounding hc like the other bands played...
this is in the post punk style.
you hear some thrash metal parts in a few tracks like el cuervo,angeles rawson 
but the rest is more melodic (post) punk
gave it a few listens but this really isnt my thing.
you can play the same shit for year after year without any changes in musical style
but as a musician youll get sick of it,so some of these guys decided to widen their horizon
ive got respect for that.
if you are into the post punk genre,give it a try
it doesnt sound like a copy from this or that band.
joy division with a little slayer is how they describe themselves.
check it out here:

lazy fucker-direct link: 


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