dinsdag 8 april 2014

submitted: STOP BREATHING - the santa cruz e.p. (oxnard-CA)


this new 7'' is recently released,think by the band itself,but could be wrong,will check...
4 own songs and "who are you?" orig. released by VOID.
good to see there are still bands active in oxnard,never heard em till i got this in the mail
checked the other stuff and i can say this is def. the best record they did sofar,the vocals sound different on this record and the music has more energy too.

but for your reading pleasures i just copy/paste what John sended 
yeah lazy fucker 4 life! crucify me;-0

 John here from Stop Breathing, just dropping you a quick line to check out our newest release "The Santa Cruz EP". Not sure if you've ever heard of us or not, but we are a 5 piece hardcore punk band from Oxnard CA that teeters on the crossover line.  We put an LP out on No Idea Records in 2012. I like to think of us as a cross between RKL & Gorilla Biscuits with a dash of DRI. I'd like to hear what you think of it. Here is a link/code to download it

d/l link soon. (code expired)

If you'd like a physical 7" or any other info, please let me know. 

John Crerar

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