dinsdag 8 april 2014

submitted: DESZCZ - rain keeps falling 7''/mcd (poland)

behind with posting stuff thats send in 
so in the next days ill post a few things that are send in by bands,sorry for the delay.

DESZCZ from poznan-poland play crust,neo crust?..not familair with that "neo" thingy...
but to me it sounds like good dark/metallic hc ala TRAGEDY with some nice guitar parts like AT THE GATES - slaughter era...
members are vegetarians and ANTI-FASCIST,good thing! 
stuff like this can be boring quickly,but these guys are good musicians and this is a good record imho.
listened to the whole record without getting annoyed but
cant write a decent review so you gotta check it out yourself.
songs will be released on a 7'' soon & it will be available on mcd in May.

info here:


or here:

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