woensdag 5 mei 2010

DEAD NATION - 1997-1998 demo's cd-r / ebay scores

misprint of the 2nd press on swirled blue vinyl /5 in reg cover

passing phase lp TEST PRESSING silk screened covers /15

HELL YEAH,just scored these at a decent price on egay a few days after finishing this baby,record gods are good to me lately ;-)

also just scored an orig state 7'' on statement recs
orig S.O.B. dont be lp on selfish both on egay for cheap & nm condition

non ebay

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH/sidetracked - split 6'' on blue /50
and the TEST PRESS of that record /14 uncut so its still a 7'' PRETTY DAMN COOOOOOL!!!
luv the bird so im pleased.


DEAD NATION/TIU is/are one/two of my favorite bands ever...

allright,after a couple of days i consider it done
cant make it sound/look any better so this is it
i really like the end result,hope you too!
if you wanna hear those tracks in a cd quality i suggest you go buy it


right now only available as digital download but i saw a 2nd press lp on egay,weird...store doesnt mention anything...pre orders either...ah well,if you prefer raw recordings,this is your thing

thx to Dead Dave/Gen for the 1st 4 days demo & the airplane demos!!!

1st two demos are coming from Dave-dead nation/tear it up/splitting headache 's archives
official demo too,but i replaced those mp3's for a rip of my copy,the sound on that one was much better/fuller so fits better in this badge

thx to offsidealex-no punks in k-town blog for ripping that tape!!

unfinished-instrumental tracks from a friend of the band who did shows for em,dl those on slsk a few yrs ago
those unfinished tracks only have Matt & Frank playing the instruments (Frank played bass and drums)
think this is recorded end '97-'98 but not really sure,can be just before dead end or after too
a guess...maybe one of the members can give info on that session

So for you who dont know,DEAD NATION was born in the swamps of new jersey ca 1997
dont have any info on the first 2 demos but on the official demotape from 1998 the line up was

DEAD DAVE on vocals

MATT RISE on guitar


RANDY REJECTED the things you beat on

recorded at the inner (G)ear studios in motown-NJ
engineered by R. Torsiello

line up stayed the same on the "face the nation" 7'' recorded in 1998 and which was the 1st released on SLAUGHTERHOUSE recs,a label from NJ who unfortunaly is no longer but with a few great releases...this was Matt Rise's own label...

on the "cenk e.p. same line up,and recorded in the same month as the raw recorded "face the nation" 7'',april 1998

during summer 1999 they recorded the classic "dead end lp" released on SLAUGHTERHOUSE/DEAD ALIVE RECS run by Jon Collins who did alot for dead nation and later TIU,he was also responsible for the dead nation artwork,which all look good,well cenk is ugly ha ha
but the lp/cd was recorded at the CLEARCUT STUDIO in
Saddlebrook-NJ,and engineered by Max"fuzzy hat" Casslnova
Randy no longer played drums and Matt Times (former drummer of FAST TIMES) replaced him

march 2000,the painless end is near...on march 20 and march 23 they went into the clearcut studios again and they record their last record,the 8 song painless 7'Franky left and Doug Life joined forces and played the baa 2nd guitarplayer was added,named Paul Ride and gave the band an extra thick guitar sound...to me they sounded best on this record

the painless 7'' was first released by KANGAROO recs from A'dam-holland with black white artwork,the u.s. press followed a little later with colored and slightly different artwordead alive/manic ride is no longer,so out of print but i think Henk still has copies for the painless 7'' in his distro,and to be honest,that version looked best go get it!

dont know what happened than,probably the girls got their periods or something ;-) and that was it

i was bummed to hear they were D.E.A.D...

but this is hc & some members went on to form my alltime favorite band TEAR IT UP

Andy from 3 against 1 joined em and the story began...

but more on TIU later,im trying to find pics online but no luck,maybe ill buy a scanner soon so i scan some records/pics and stuff
but for now,face the nation and dl this: www.mediafire.com/?wwut3ohi35w

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  1. Thanks a lot, man! Great stuff from excellent band...

  2. WOW! I loved this band and have all of the vinyl!