woensdag 12 mei 2010

EXCLAIM - out of suit e.p. 7'' '99 (japan)

time for some fucked up japanese noise!

just bought this piece of wax on grey vinyl (yeah im slow;-) after yrs of slacking/not finding it so im gonna put up mp3's here for you to annoy your neighbors.

EXCLAIM's first 7'' i believe from '99 on sound pollution records

on this 7'' & the keep things... they play ultra fast hardcore/fastcore with screaming vocals as we are used from japanese bands,REALLY RAW & GOOOOOOOD
to top it off,a good cover version of GANG GREEN's sold out...

on their later recordings (lp) the sound/production got worse and all songs sounded the same,just a pile of noise,to me this is one of the worst hc (i dont call it hardcore or music) records that came out EVER,serious,if you can listen to it,kudos and if you really enjoy this,i dont know but than your more fucked up than their recordings ha ha

but back to the 7 inches,these are a must if your are into fast music,go get it!

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