vrijdag 28 mei 2010

DEATH SENTENCE - ryan,thx for the support 7'' '85 (australia)

top 10 record in my book,and to me also the best record coming out of australia ever!
not really into the 80's aussie stuff! but the last decade or so there are some good bands
TOE TO TOE,A.V.O. (ex t2t) EAT A BRICK,EXTORTION and a bunch more
but nothing reaches the quality/intensity of these 7 tracks
bought it yrs ago for 10 bucks and thought i scored an orig cheapo,turned out it was the german repress with glossy red fold out cover GRRRRRRRRRRR
so this baby is still on my wantlist orig,i know theres a cd out also a cheapo,go get it,it has all their tracks on one disc,only bad thing is the 86 lp kinda sucks so i prefer to listen to the seperate recordings without the lp stuff
so after this one the 51 state of america demo also from '85/'86 will follow,
highy recommended if you dont know em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and if someone has an orig copy of the 7'' for sale/trade GET IN TOUCH!!!!!!!
orig 7'' front and back covers from another blog!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. checl Straightjacket Nation..
    awesome aussiecore in your face

  2. there was original press with red cover too!