zondag 23 mei 2010

SSD (SOCIETY SYSTEM DECONTROL) - '82-'83 demos & live @ buff hall-NJ '82 cd-r


dl link only,havent started on covers yet,just done cleaning up

still messy,liveset was badly cut
cant "glue" tracks so for now this is it,when you play em in a row,you hardly hear the cuts
but seperated listening to some of the liveset tracks sucks

so play em all and dont forgot LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(this liveset is also floating around in a shitty quality on slsk etc but with the tag "live '83"
better cut,but i decided the difference in quality with my version is too big,so for your listening pleasure you should replace that crappy set if you have that one ;-) this is the correct year,footage is allover youtube but with poor sound,so go watch the vids and play the mp3's,should be married by someone/sound/clips...rambling
1st demo recording wasnt complete either,had drug fools from the '83 demo in it,but cut off that track from a 1 track version i had,quality isnt as good as the other 2 but at least its correct
track 6 and 7 are from unknow demo/reh.???????? came with the wrong tags too but all in all this is a nice document of the start of boston hardcore
i included the interview they did on a radioshow where they presented their demotape,at that time they were only 2 months together so pretty cool to listen too
ill try to dig up some old pics and interviews etc...but for now
ENHOY THE TUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pic at the top off course stolen from the always great doublecrossed webzine blog
taken by : ????? (CRS disease) cant remember shit...will check again...

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  1. Awesome. Would love to hear some later - How We Rock or Break It Up - era live sets too. Not very popular... I know