woensdag 23 juli 2014

THE OFFSPRING - subject to blackout demo july '86 (CA)

yeah i know some of you think WTF is that?!
well,this is a badass demo,from a band i still enjoy playing their first 2 records...
they also had 3 tracks on this comp from 1986 called SUBJECT TO BLACKOUT,with EXCEL,THE UPRISING U.K.(demo '86 up next!) A.A. etc...
recently the whole session surfaced,6 tracks a.k.a. the subject to blackout demo...recorded in july '86?
cleaned em up a bit and here ya go,good enough for vinyl,the band should do the old fans a favor and put this baby on wax! i would buy it for sure

03-call it religion
04-ballroom blitz (THE SWEET)
06-fire and ice

edit: orig posted in 2011 but old link was dead,reuploaded it so you can stream/dl it from here from now on:

took out the damaged part in track 3 also...


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks. they were alright...they definitely were cool for covering Killboy Powerhead by The Didjits !

  2. dead link. i suggest re=upping to MEGA.CO.NZ.

  3. Paul,
    reupload will go on the archive.org.
    check back soon.