woensdag 2 juli 2014

SANGRE KALLEJERA - demo 2013 (nuevo leon-mexico) - OFAL TAPES #003-2014 -

SANGRE KALLEJERA - demo 2013 + bonus (OFAL 2014 version)
one of my favorite demo's of 2013,luv that "hollow tree" drum sound in the beginning of the track "miedo" 
but no tape release,think the band made a few cd-r's...
hate cd-r's so doing a pro printed/duplicated tape,recorded on both sides.

this will be the bonus track on tape version:

waiting for an email with the lyrics,so it will come with a lyricsheet,in spanish.
 if i can find someone who can translate em to english than it will come with spanish/english lyricsheet.
we'll see...insert need some changes too etc..
should be done in 2/3 weeks!

members are busy with school,hardly have time to practice/write new songs
but hope they will find some time coz theyre goooooood!!!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hé Dan,
    heb je al iemand gevonden die de vertaling kan doen? Anders moet je me maar even een berichtje achterlaten op www.facebook.com/mexicopunk (mijn pagina met de komende showtjes in Mexico), dan kan ik die vertaling wel doen. Mazzel!

  2. Sander,
    nog niet dus je hoort binnenkort van me!

    grrr Dan.