donderdag 23 augustus 2012

ESKE a.k.a. LOS ESKELETOS - resist the enemy!!! 1999-2007 (chicago-IL) 2nd version ! incl ALL titles!!!


after a break of a few yrs these Chicago heavyweights return with a new record!!!
band uses the full name this on the record but dont get confused,its ESKE

you can check out the title track on their bandcamp,sound is a bit different from their old stuff,but still pissed as fuck! 
ill post ordering info soon,coz its not in any distro's...a shame
same goes for the old my knowledge they only released 1 7'' and a few comp tracks on the ratas de ciudad cd compilation,released by southkore recs.
somewhere around Y2K... 7'' came out on also SOUTHKORE recs from chicago,great label that released plenty of good records!
(go get the NFN 7''!-CLASSIC!)
unfortunaly,they never released the 2nd 7'' and the 18 song lp,their myspace says its released in 2007 but checked the southkore page for yrs but it never came out...
these 2 recording sessions are pretty unknown,but really really good!
that bass sound,luv it!

big thx to Rob-ESKE for filling in te missing titles!

here ya go...

big trouble in little village 7''

01-no regrets
02-we're still here
04-higher learning
06-wicked dreams

unreleased 2nd 7'' session

09-for us
11-moonlight girl
12-spokesman of an asshole
13-S.B.O. (super breakout)
14-shit from above

unreleased what's left lp session (a lim lp release 50 copies/custom made covers will be released early 2013! maybe sooner...the band liked the idea
so "what's left" will be LSMG! recs #4)

15-bum fuct America
16-falling in line (badass version with a female vocalist as 2nd singer,don't know her name but she does a great job)
17-for us
18-Glenn's revenge
19-in the hood
20-lies and cigarettes
22-marking my spot
23-moonlight girl
24-on the run
25-resist the enemy!
26-spokesman of an asshole
27-S.B.O. (super breakout)
28-seconds away
29-self destruct
30-shit from above
31-in the shadows
32-voice of it's own

demo session

33-voice of it's own
34-S.B.O. (super breakout)
35-bum fuct America
36-lies & cigarettes
37-shit from above
38-seconds away
39-moonlight girl (instrumental)
40-self destruct
41-resist the enemy!
42-in the hood
43-for us
45-falling in line

dl/play here:

or (new link with all titles!)

ordering info for the "no me grites" 7'' (still lim. colored vinyl available!) & merch
contact em here:

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Seriously. Two words, "Negative", "Approach". This other stuff pales in comparison, quality of band/music-wise.

  2. have to disagree ;-0 coz, the live N.A. isn't the best sounding stuff (video rips)and doesn't reach the greatness of these two bands demo/collection...
    but will put em up as a 3 gig cd-r thingy after summer break!