donderdag 23 augustus 2012

gets worse - st 10'' (U.K.)

after last years demo,GETS WORSE from Leeds in the U.K. returns with a new record,a 10'' this time!
it contains 13 tracks of modern day powerviolence,BUT what makes this a very nice listen are the heavy as fuck old EARACHE recs influences,grinding fast drum parts,insane!
12 tracks of their own and a very nice version of CHARLES BRONSON's individualized floorpuncher.
together with the NO  lp one of the nice suprises of this year for sure...

go check it out here

you can also dl the 2011 demo for free overthere,so useless to put a link on here...go get it!

10'' will be ready for order in october (purple/red wax) and will be available through

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