maandag 27 augustus 2012

submitted: BEATRIZ CARNICERO - no reces cd 2012 (uruguay)

send in by Dario

they just released this 15 track cd with a nice fold out cover
and they were kind enough to share it with us
lately listening to alot of latin stuff and powerviolence...
so this couldn't go wrong...
and these 15 tracks are no let down,too bad they are over before you know it,but you wanna hit the play button again right after the disc stops,pissed off latino powerviolence,FUCK YEAH!
this is a great disc and worth your $$$,go buy it and support these guys coz they're doing a great job!
no shitty long intro/samples with 3 seconds farts,just goood faaaaastcore/powerviolence with a max. length of 1 minute,long enough ;-0
if you wanna order a disc (or more) you can contact em here or use the email adress on the 2nd picture!!


and just got a new idea for an a new OFAL compilation,40 tracks of the best powerviolence bands of the last decade,so that will follow sooner or laterrrrrrr

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  1. Hey this is really great!!
    I totally agree with you