woensdag 22 augustus 2012

SIN ORDEN - love and rage japanese tour cd in 7'' sleeve 2007 (chicago-IL)

japanese cd release on CREW FOR LIFE recs. # 007
comes in a fold out 7'' sleeve + insert with all the lyrics in english and japanese
(more scans sooner or later)

01-09 from the 2nd 7'' somos la mayoria 
recorded in 2005
10-13 from the razacore split with BSA
 recorded in 2006
14-17 are from the armor sin fronteras split 7'' with CONDENADA
recorded in 2007

somos la mayoria 7'' sounds better on cd as the vinyl version! normally not a fan of the clean cd sound but this sounds really gooood!
ripped at 320 kbps.

if you wanna check out the demo stuff,you should check the archive of this blog,uploaded it a yr ago or something,maybe the link still works...

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