dinsdag 20 mei 2014

KAGADA DE PERRO - victimas de horror demo '91 cleaned tape rip! (mexico)

ill finish it.
to me it sounds better as the 2011 lp version which is speeded up,and the version on the 2010 cd discography (different versions) are not that great either.
keep in mind this is done from an old tape rip,not from the master recordings but the sound is "full".
the cd version sounds too clean imho,think they took out too much hiss or whatever they did,it sounds "squeezed" 
sure the drums sounds pretty clean but the guitar sound was low on the tape,and they took out even more,balance is gone.
sounds like a disco record to me with those loud drumbeats/ & cymballs like a tambourine,hallelujah,praise the lord 

and they completely ruined the track "pensamiento anarquista" 
butchered,could be a version i did yrs ago lol
still prefer the orig version of the tape but thats me...
and 4 versions of the demo is better than 3 right?
for those who prefer the clean cd sound
you can d/l the 2010 versions on the abraham-hc blog. see link on the left of the page
2011 lp version is also on there.

hope someone will release/remaster these recordings again one day
the way it should be done...

here's a good example of how the orig version sounds after some work
and the "remastered" cd version from 2010....

final/full version up for d/l ASAP!!!
still need to fix +/- 50% of it...

7 opmerkingen:

  1. cant wait to see it completed!!

  2. Hi man
    Thanks for posting that. The bass player of Kagada de Perro is my UNCLE :D
    You can watch 2 videos on my Facebbok account!!! You can add me like: Äbrähäm Çuäutle Çrüzt

  3. COOL!
    they made the best demo in south america ever! seriously,i don't know how many times i played it the last decade,but ALOT
    will send the final version when its done.


  4. yeah can't wait too. what about that 9 SHOCKS TERROR live set you had? will we see it posted someday? your blog is awesome, thank you. mat

  5. now that's a good question,can't find it at the moment so i'm starting to think my dumb ass deleted it somehow...

    will put it on the "to do" list!

    finish what you've started kids,this is the result of being a lazy fucker
    wasted time.

  6. no worries man, thanks, you're awesome. mat

  7. act,not words

    started working on it,but gonna take some time,need to glue everything back together & lower vocals,but will be nice when its done!
    check back next week or something...