zaterdag 31 mei 2014

MR. BUNGLE - the raging wrath of the easter bunny demo 1984 (eureka-CA) upgrade-WAV!

you can remove the version posted before.
here you have a badass sounding version.
somebody bootleg this on a nice piece of vinyl please?"
the band will probably never release it,a fucking shame...
if you're into the old crossover sound you should grab this.
A CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uncompressed WAV/FLAC & 320 mp3/OGG
 stream & download from here:

(takes some time before you can stream em,or download the FLAC,MP3
archive = busy converting the files....patience my dear comrades.
edit:really long this time,if there are still no flac files and player tomorrow,ill upload it again...

tagged mp3's here:

still has a little hiss in it,it's loud...,and taking out more ruined sound...take it or leave it.
if your gonna stream it,use the wav version,sounds better! 


now i need the B.A.R.F. demo's in the same quality,anyone??
ain't gonna happen,i know...

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