woensdag 14 mei 2014

RIPCORD - fast 'n' furious demo's 2xlp & CRUMBSUCKERS - turn back time demo's-live 2x lp FINAL CONFLICT - ashes to ashes lp baked-remastered!

CRUMBSUCKERS released by FOAD recs from Italy
RIPCORD by BOSS TUNAGE and cd version co released with a japanese label
sold out through BT but still available in distro's,same for the SUCKERS lp's-live CD

essential stuff folks,BUY!!!

now it's waiting for a LUDICHRIST demo's-live lp
think theyre playing the BNB bowl this year and a cd re release of both records will come out soon but 
i rather would see the tapes on a nice piece of wax...

this one is also re released

the classic ashes to ashes lp orig on pusheads PUSMORT label,came with a huge booklet,badass record
TANKCRIMES recs recently baked and remastered the original tapes of the lp and released it again.
normally not a fan of those clean remasters but this came out great.
def worth picking up,even if you own the orig. vinyl. some on red wax still available i think..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love Final Conflict "Ashesto Ashes", always wanted to own it. I only had the demo tape from a trade from Germany (to Canada) in 1987. Then when I finally heard the LP, years later, it seemed the demo was exactly like the LP?!

  2. serious? coz the demotape sounds awole different to me,its also released on vinyl this year ,a great demo but it doesnt reach the quality of the ashes to ashes lp.
    mastertapes of ashes to ashes lp are baked/remastered
    not sure what they did to the demo's lp that also came out this year but it kinda sucks,huge difference.