dinsdag 27 mei 2014

LA MISMA - live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio april 15, 2014 (NY)

4 ladies from NY playing badass hc/punk with portugese lyrics.
somehow the beginning of "indentifika o xintimento" reminds me a bit of "disco victims" by dutch band THE SQUATS,these ladies probably never heard the song or the band...
but this is a really great live/radio session ,engineered by Dave Mambach,dude did a great job,just like all the other WFMU sets he did.
only a few volume corrections in intro's,nothing else,not gonna butcher this one,dude knows what he's doing.
should be released on a tape,that good.
WFMU site gave 9 titles,but it are 10 tracks in total,o basilisco = also in it.
stream/dl from here:

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