zondag 15 juni 2014

CONFLICT - ''america's right'' 1982-1983 (tucson-arizona) new link on the archive: stream/dl!


and yeah,they were GOOD!
awesome female vocals!!!,probably one of the best female hc vocalists ever!
this cd-r thingy contains their 7 track demo from 1982 on unjust recs
track 5 is not complete,1st part missing coz it was damaged,removed it ..but did a nice cut...
followed by the valley fever comp tracks + 2 other comp tracks
followed by 14 tracks from the last hour lp on placebo records from '83
last tracks are live tracks!
last 6 tracks are from a gig @ Nino's 1982 others from various livesets...all great quality so a real nice listen!
and yeah band deserves a proper official discography
think they not even have a myspace or whatever is the new hype today....

orig post: august 2011

new link requested so from now on,no more expiring links,stream & d/l from here:


7 opmerkingen:

  1. nice record - great band.

  2. Please please please please reup this. thank you.

  3. check back later tonight
    in 30 min. it will be available for stream & download on the archive.org.


  4. you can get the rest of the Valley Fever - a Taste of Tucson's Underground tape compilation over here too - with a heap of bands and some more info too