zondag 29 juni 2014

BLAZING EYE - NY's allright tourtape + live @ NY's allright 2014 (LA)

NY's allright tourtape 2014

link expires in 4 weeks...

full gig @ ABC NO RIO-NY's allright fest 2014

stream/dl from here:

badass tourtape! now they need to put out a record.
live recording = pretty nice too,only bad thing is the vocals are a bit low...
audio recorded by Torsten-UNARTIG NYC.
thx for giving the ok to share it! 
you can check out the full set video of this gig on his website

check out this site if you wanna see what's happening in the NYC music scene.
he films loads and loads of gigs from every genre
from BLONDIE till INFEST/DESPISE YOU so something for everybody,and all in a great quality!!!

play loud/stay pissed!!!


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