maandag 30 juni 2014

ANIMALIA - demo 2013 (chicago-IL) lim. ed. euro. release OFAL TAPES #4

will be out in +/- 3 weeks,company who duplicates the tapes is closed till the 15th...

ANIMALIA with Rob-ESKE on drums recorded this demo last year and released it in a lim. run by themselves,think Rob still have a few copies left,go get em! (roblopez82 AT

the 2014 version on OFAL TAPES has the same insert/lyricsheet as the U.S. version ,Rob sended it in black,but think on white it will look better...we'll see how it comes out.
only difference is the audio,
it got the OFAL threatment...

if you are familair with Rob's other band ESKE (discography tape out soooon!) 
you should pick this up!
this is raw pissed off latino hc like it was played around Y2K,no punky stuff
i miss bands like this,hope they stick around for awhile.
again,only 20 copies will be made,recorded on both sides.
15 will be available soon,somewhere...

"cumstains allover my mp3 collection" version here:

after this one,the SANGRE KALLEJERA demo 2013. OFAL #3 /20 copies
5 copies will go to mexico,14 will be available for orders.

recorded on both sides,pro printed-dubbed
not sure if there will be a lyricsheet?? will ask again

BIZKIDS will be #5
10 copies.

ESKE (a.k.a. LOS ESKELETOS) - "resist the enemy" 1999-2007 discography tape

#6,still working on it...

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