zondag 22 juni 2014

BOBWIRE - demo 1985 + s.t. lp 1988 + shouldn't exist lp 1989 + negative punks lp 1989 (lisse-the netherlands)

BOBWIRE vocalist Erick posted a comment in the st lp post
if i was intrested in the 2 lp's that came out after the classic st lp
those records were released in 1989 on "old world recs" from germany,they also did the crivits lp/right direction 7'' before this one if i'm not mistaken...
the st lp from '88 & the one from '91 are both D.I.Y. releases
sound on these records is more crossover,but pretty good!
had to admit i wasn't really familair with the 2nd/3rd lp's.
don't know why i haven't checked out the other 2 records coz they sound awhole lot better than most of the modern crossover releases that came out in the last yrs,lyrics making a difference also.
no beerbong bullshit etc...
Erick mailed they were bad in promoting their stuff in those days & they were also not part of any scene
so the records didnt get the attention they deserved.
  they had NO copyrights on the 3 records...in the states you have the RIAA here in holland we have BUMA/STEMRA who are dealing (a.k.a. filling their pockets with money that belongs to the artists) with the copyrights issues and they were confused the band wanted the releases without any copyright bullshit,so thats pretty damn cool!
first 8 tracks are from the demotape,pretty cool demo and their punkiest stuff.


Erick - vocals
Erik - guitar
Ewoud - bass
Pat - drums

if anyone has some decent live recording by em,send em over!!!!!!!!!??


lp's sooooon,new mediaplayer installed,12...and no clue how to add  tags/artwork or change tags in the damn thing...


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