maandag 30 juni 2014

S.H.I.T. - live @ the soybomb house,toronto-canada april 6, 2013 (canada)

6 track version,they played 10 tracks in total...
10 track version doesnt sound as good as these 6 & no titles for the other 4 tracks also...maybe laterrrrrrrr
don't know who mixed/mastered these 6,but he/she did a great job for sure,amazing quality live recording!!!!

new 7'' called "generation shit'' out now on LENGUA ARMADA recs!!!!!!!
Martin still makes those lim. ed. screened versions of his records? i need one of those,but think he stopped with the mailorder thingy awhile ago and LA VIDA ES UN MUS does the distribution...
pick it up,will sell out quick,pretty sure!


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