maandag 24 oktober 2011

IMMORAL MINORITY - retaliation demo 1985 cd-r (vancouver-BC-canada) CLEANED!

cdr sticker + back soooooon!

another tape from Jacques collection...THX!
just got rid of all the can hear it a bit in the bass intro,but thats all,BADASS demo!!!
have fun listening! & 2nd version up soon i think,some tracks still have some volume changes,some tapenoise,annyoning sounds,will fix! but for now,check these,awhole lot better,if you think not,dl the other version here


Bill  - drums/vocals
Brian - bass/vocals
Dean - guitar

01-die democratic
02-food bank fun
03-who's right,who's wrong?
04-no toys for you
06-practise what you preach
07-they're cowards
08-untamed war
09-a difference in youth politics
10-immoral minority
11-i don't need your help
12-feeling good

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