maandag 17 oktober 2011

PANDEMONIUM - de pandemonium affaire demo 1983

almost forgot this one in the dutch hc series...and....
another demo that´s in the top 3 of best dutch hc releases ever!
their lp and 1st 7'' were a bit dissapointing (production issue),2nd 7'' rules but has only 3 this is it!
their best work,in my opinion...
not included on their discography... so all say thanks to Jeroen/COALITION recs for screwing up the mastertape of this demo,lol,well thats the story ive heard...
but other rumors are this is getting remastered from a good sounding copy and should be out some day on noise and distortion records from belgium!
but it should have been out by now...did nothing to these recordings..,why bother when its out soon in better quality done professional right?
ill look around for some cool pics/flyers too

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  1. Hello man! How's it going?!

    I'd like to ask you some help. I'm looking for some mp3 files very hard to find, and maybe you could help me. Do you know where I can find them?:
    Insight(UK) Fade LP, Long Cold Stare(UK) Tired Eyes LP, Nightmare Visions(UK) demo #01 and #02, The Uprising(UK) demos, Heavy Discipline(UK) Liberation of Economics EP, Sick(UK) Demo 1988 and Steadfast (UK) Our Sights Are Set 7"EP, Mad Conflux (Japan), Specters of Madness (Can), Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel), G.G.F. (UK) and Bobwire (Hol) 1st LP.

  2. Yo Dan hier kan je alles vinden van Pandemonium.

  3. cool,
    Marcelo,you can find DONA NOBIS PACEM on here,2 months ago or something i posted their side of a split livetape,still working on another live far as my knowledge goes...DNP never released any official record of themselves so the livestuff is all there is...other live up soon!
    and i can do a mad conflux disco thingy on here (you mean the japanese band right?)

    ill dump bobwire st on here too,will look into the rest laterrrrrr


  4. Hi Dan,
    Very Thanx for the infos. I've downloaded DNP and Bobwire LP.
    The Mad Conflux I'm after is the japanese one. I know they released a CD called Crazy Action Party containing all their discography, but it's really hard to find.

    Tks again for your attention!!