zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

THRÄSHERS - demo 2011 (sweden) COMPLETE DEMO! 10 tracks

ooooooh yeah!
what we have here is the 10 track demotape from sweden's THRÄSHERS
my slsk/blog buddy Mike pointed em out so checked out their bandcamp site....
they remind me of the good ol' days (damn i sound like an old fart) of DS-13,E.T.A.,THE DEAD ONES and more of that Y2K thrashy stuff
10 tracks of fast hardcore with swedish lyrics in 9 tracks,good choice!
prefer it when bands sing in their own native language,even now i have no clue what their lyrics are about,yeah shitlife isnt hard to guess lol
but it sounds more sincere... to top it off,they made some nice tape artwork too
so all in all this is a BADASS! demo,that should be pressed onto wax
emailed the guys for a couple of tapes but no luck for uncle Dan...
first run of 120 copies already sold out...
BUT they're doing a second run of 50 (why not make it 100?) don't miss out!
check their bandcamp here

thx to the folks @  D-TAKT & RAPUNK recs/DISTORT THE WORLD TAPES
 you can now download the full demotape,10 tracks,right here!!!
say thx!!!!!!!

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