maandag 24 oktober 2011

KNOLCYPERUS - demo (hoorn-the netherlands)

not my cup of tea...but downloaded a few unknown old dutch demo's from Jacques on slsk
this was one of em,before i delete it,just put it up here,its pretty rare i think,punky stuff from Hoorn (also hometown of INDIREKT) with SAX!
whole bunch of tracks 20+ so if you wanna check out some obscure dutch punk stuff,go for it!
and think ill clean this a bit too,has too much bass ,think i can get this awhoooooooole lot better
full demo

track 11 GOED GEK! cleaned up!

lemme know if you want me to do the rest too,before i spend 2  hours or more i wanna make sure its worth the time,if no one cares,ill leave it...

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