dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

LIKE A HORSE - free! demo 1985 cd-r (columbia-MO)

click 2x on image to make em bigger,but included in folder too!

Another band i only knew of a few compilation tracks they did.
and since compilations are not my favorites i hardly remembered these guys...
but when browsing some files on slsk i saw this and a few bells started to ring,so queued it
and you know what? BADASS demo!!!
cleaned it a little coz it already sounded pretty good,equalized volume/channels
made a cdr cover from the live pic that was included,and someone made the front already,only changed a little,/contrast..
and if you think RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE was original in the early 90's,listen to Alburquerque bus junket...
here ya goooooooooooooo!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. were did you find this one,i've looking for that demo for a long long time

  2. hey dan i already had this posted up on my blog,could've saved you cueing on slsk.
    its from the orig tape.its the same as you posted,they're is also a live set floating around.



  3. hey Rob,
    didnt knew you had it going ;-0
    but now i remember you gave me the name but also remembered you had computer troubles etc so thought it wasnt online yet,didnt check till now,you should have told me it was online! you now i got CRS disease lol
    but added blog now so all good.
    and found 2/3 unknown things on it,so gonna check those
    thx again for that A.O. stuff!

  4. jeez dan, you did'nt tell me about the crs,will you get better thru time?

    gonna post a lot more soon,not online much these days,have been busy.

    hey take care man!
    will chat soon.

  5. hey Rob,
    no worries ;-0 i just forget things quickly
    thats why im joking,Cant Remember Shit ;-0'
    cool,looking forward to the next posts!
    take care

  6. been looking for this for ages, thanks a lot!