donderdag 1 december 2011

DS-13 - live @ the smell-L.A. 2001 + practice cd-r (umeä-sweden) + fixed video link!

live @ 924 gilman street in san fransisco-CA 2001
their first gig full set

big THX to Mike for doing the 1st cut,and for filling in all titles of the liveset!!!!! saved me a shitload of time!
also thx to Rob  for upping the practice

both are cleaned up so go check it out
not satisfied?
D.I.Y. or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34 tracks in total! get it here:

back-cd-r sticker laterrrrr,34 titles shitjob to make everything fit...

oh yeah did i mention these guys made some of my favorite records ever...aborted 7'' for the kids...7'' CLASSICS!!!!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. hey there is some problem with the download

  2. not sure what you mean? link works...?

  3. Now it works!! and DS13 are devastating my stero
    yerterday I can't download the file (mediafire page try to load the "green botton" that allow you to download the file but it can't and then a message of error appears).
    Sorry but my english is too poor for explain in a better way.

  4. cool!
    think mediafire had problems yesterday
    but glad it works now!