zaterdag 24 december 2011

JERSEY FRESH - 1986 demo's (ewing-NJ)


John Ball - vocals (R.I.P.)
Dave Ball - guitar
Dave Bryson - bass
Todd Waladkewics - drums
Bill Bennet - drums

have a good christmas fuckers,ill have the worst ever but life sucks,we all know
but luckily there's some nice music to keep me from insanity ,here's something i stole from facebook
slsk buddy Gen directed me to their facebook site,THX!
the band had 2 demo's up on some webradio as 1 tracks,ripped em,edited em,alot louder
but quality is horrible...tried a few things but no good result,but STILL BADASS!
thick bass sound which make me think of some of the unreleased TEENAGE WARNING recordings,they played gigs with F.O.D.,THE BURNT,STETZ etc...but
enough bullshit
here it is

 mediafire uploader gives me an error when pushing the upload from now on megaupload,sucks

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