vrijdag 23 december 2011

B.H.T./ANXIETY - 1986-1987 demo's (livermore-CA)


14 tracks from the prime directive demo from 1986
3 tracks from an unreleased demo session recorded a year later as ANXIETY!
both cleaned up a little
think they sound cleaner,a little louder too,so should be ok...tracks that came out best first,so tracklist changed a bit...

thx to Josh (drums/bass) for sending the unreleased demo mp3's & pics!!!
last session sounds really good,only bad thing is...
its only 3 tracks...wish they re-recorded the whole demo or existed longer/released a record but rambling...
this is BADASS HARDCORE/CROSSOVER!!! with good lyrics!
hope you like it,if you think its butchered,you should download the orig version on Nate-GLOOM recs blog http://truepunkandmetal.blogspot.com/ 
got it on slsk but it comes from his blog so big thx to him for the original upload!
for now,this is it,maybe im gonna try to get it better soon,but in 2012! need to finish a couple of other things first...


02-not me
03-we're being tricked
04-i quit
05-now or never
07-technical difficulties
08-mr. politician
09-fuck law enforcement
10-let's try
11-mowing down the people
14-mentally insane
15-deathrow (as ANXIETY)
16-greed kills (as ANXIETY)
17-understand (as ANXIETY)


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  1. Thanks for posting Danny! After reforming into Anxiety (additional guitarist, vocalist from BHT left and we all filled in for vocals) we made those last three, unreleased tracks. They were our best as we had another year to mature and get tighter. If only we had stayed together longer! Anyhow, I'm glad anyone can look back and still enjoy what we did! Great times!

    Josh Brooks

  2. T H C from Livermore saying HELLo! 2012 reunion Was July 22 2012 at pine street bar.Thrashing Hectic. Circle Vince Billy Ron Paul