vrijdag 16 december 2011

GILLIGAN's REVENGE - boombox demo 1984 (NY) pre-TOKEN ENTRY/BLACK TRAIN JACK etc... cleaned up!

orig. line up in front of CBGB's 1982
and look for the GR post,has info from bandmembers etc!

tried to clean up the recordings,here's the result...1 track = mono,couldnt make it stereo,not sure why..but all in all it came out better i think,pimped up flyer and here ya goooooo,classic NYHC pre-TOKEN ENTRY/BLACK TRAIN JACK and NY's first skatecore band,pretty good stuff!!!!

01-skateboard insanity
02-commercial world
03-everybody 's crazy
05-am i gonna die?
06-mugged again
08-disco clone

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