zaterdag 3 december 2011

HYSTERICS - live on art for spastics-KDVS radio july 26, 2011 + demo 2010 (olympia-WA) new link incl demo!!!!

the 7'' played live in studio A
buy the record at
2nd press on col wax,go get some!
news and stuff

taken as a 2 hour broadcast from & thx to:

edited liveset + cleaned demo 2010 here:

the ladies tearing it up (liveclip of "leave me alone")

and in case you didn't found out yet,all ladies!!!!!
and they do a good job! early 80's styled hc so don't expect a bubblegum poppunk band!
they played a bunch of records after their set in studio B,and the ladies have a good taste
negative fx,crumbsuckers whatever more
but these 6 tracks are mostly fast,clean,no metal,groovy bla bla whatever
at times they slow down a bit,but it doesn't get annoying or anything...
havent heard the 7'' yet,but im getting a copy soon...
on the demo they sound a bit more raw,guitar sound reminds of MINOR THREAT or for the younger folks,FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES...good demo!

7''...dutch/euro's can pick it up soon @ http://www.dontbuyrecords.blogspot/ or just order from the label itself

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