dinsdag 24 januari 2012

CRUZ DUCKS - alcohol abuse demo 1987 (U.K.)

another U.K. demo from the crossover yrs,from a 1 track that was floating around as a DR KNOW demo
little dissapointed but this aint bad either ;-)
someone told me its the CRUZ DUCKS - alcohol abuse demo from 1987...

Steve - bass-vocals posted some info,always nice too see bandmembers on here,and to receive the correct information,
cheers mate! & if you read this again,hope you remember the lyrics for "holiday in Sao Gabriel..." and if you can post em in the comment section or email em,would be cool!

here ya go,new link with tagged titles! and did a quick boost too,sound alittle better,louder...damn good/unknown demo!


01-terminal disease
02-sun and sand,sea and beer
04-lobster fever
05-old Tom
06-holiday in Sao Gabriel do Rio Negro
07-chemical abuse

line up :

Task - vocals-guitar
Cracknell - guitar
Steve - bass-vocals
Ross - drums

they also recorded a 2nd demo called "chase the dragon''
and then changed name to the CRACK BABIES
they build up a good hc following as the crack babies...


a bump for Marcelo

2nd demo as CRUISE DUCKS up tonight!
big thx to Steve again!

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  1. Cruz Ducks appeared in "UK Thrash Metal Assault Volume 1" compilation (cassette version) with songs, "Old Tom" and "Lobster Forever". (from Metal Archives website)

  2. Hey Dan
    I can give you a bit more info on this - I was the original Bassist/Vocal for Cruz Ducks. The bands line up at the time was Task, Guitar/Vocals, Cracknell, Guitar, Ross, Drums and me on Bass/Vocals.
    The Track listing is;
    1) Terminal Disease
    2) Sun and Sand and Sea and Beer
    3) Pyrophobic
    4) Lobster Fever (this was mispelt on the "UK Thrash Metal Assault" Compilation)
    5) Old Tom
    6) Holiday in Sao Gabriel do Rio Negro
    7) Chemical Abuse (I think...)
    The band went on to support some decent Hardcore outfits, recorded a second demo called "Chase the Dragon" and then changed line up and renamed themselves The Crack Babies.
    They built up a good Hardcore following as the Crack Babies.
    Hope this helps - if you're looking for more good, unknown Crossover try The Desecrators. They've just released an old demo on vinyl called Speed up the Death Process and is well worth a listen.

  3. Hey Dan,
    Can you ask Steve about the lyrics of "Holiday in Sao Gabriel do Rio Negro" please?

  4. Afternoon Dan/Marcelo
    Sorry for the delay coming back to you.
    Holiday in Sao Gabriel do Rio Negro talks about the cynical deforestation of vast areas of the Brazilian Amazon region by multi nation businesses. The effect ruined huge areas of the rain forest, and dislodged indigenous groups in pursuit of that bad old thing, greed and wealth.....this was written in 1987 and nothing's changed.

    I've managed to track down a decent copy of the follow up demo "Chase the Dragon", which I'll email.
    Cheers for now.

  5. Thanx for the explanation Steve.
    I'm Brazilian and I thought this song talks about Brazil.
    BTW, CRUISE DUCKS was great band. I'm happy on dicovering great 80's UK bands all the time.

    Hope you can post more UK classics in vein of CRUISE DUCKS very soon.

  6. Could you re-upload this please? I would love to hear this. Thanks!

  7. any chance of re-upping this somewhere. would love to hear it again. thanks!