dinsdag 3 januari 2012

17th CLASS - speedway squad demo 2001 (rochester-NY)

02-invasion of old glory
03-blitzkrieg bop (THE RAMONES)
05-graverobbers from outerspace
06-soggy spoonfuls of kaos
07-fiends in the night
09-no friend of mine
11-keep 'em scared and they'll obey
12-you've got a brain... (THE FARTZ)
13-fuck 'em all
14-social trap
15-mutant monster crabs
17-i turned into a martian (THE MISFITS)
18-never enough

they also put out an lp in 2003 and a 7''  in 2002

on PUNK BEFORE PROFITS recs ,lp kinda sucked back than,sold it after getting it,packing was cool,thick cardboard cover etc...bummer i sold it,but someone else is happy with it...
this demo is awhole different story
more raw,thrashy,dirty,more hc? added a few high tones so it sounds a little cleaner but still dirty enough
go judge yourself


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