woensdag 18 januari 2012

THE RAMONES - live @ de melkweg,amsterdam 08-05-1986 (VPRO's wilde wereld radio broadcast)

finally finished,took me 4 days to get it how i wanted it,and here you can check the result
last track is a nice int. with Joey,ill translate the questions later for ya'll so you know what the dude's asking
play loud and shake your booty!!!

there's another version floating around with more tracks,but from 2 different sources,this is the full radio broadcast from 1986,edited by yours truly
the other version comes from the VPRO archive broadcasted a few yrs later on a AM radio,shitty quality but think i can pimp em up a bit like the 15-16 below,so check back later

01-do you wanna dance
02-somebody put something in my drink
03-psycho therapy
04-blitzkrieg bop
05-rock 'n' roll highschool
06-i wanna be sedated
07-the KKK too my baby away
08-crummy stuff
09-i don't wanna go down the basement
10-love kills
11-Sheena is a punkrocker
12-glad to see you go
13-animal boy
14-California sun
15-we're a happy family
16-Joey interview


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