dinsdag 24 januari 2012

THE DESECRATORS - caught in the act-speed up the death process demotape/lp 1985-1987-20?? (U.K.)

more unknown but good crossover from the U.K.!
Steve-CRUZ DUCKS recommended this a few weeks ago and started looking for the demo
found it awhile ago but forgot to post,today he sended the cruz ducks demo & desecrators demo/lp,listened again and damn yeah,totally underated crossover!
version i downloaded on slsk had the old tapecovers included,pretty cool
so here it is
Steve mentioned its recently put out vinyl lp!!! but sold out through the label,only 250 copies made,1 time pressing...maybe your lucky and some distro will still have a copy,good luck!

anyone who has the livetape as mp3,send it over please? would love to hear/post it!




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