donderdag 19 januari 2012

MEGAUPLOAD taken out/of the air/net by the F.B.I....

the guy behind it was a dutch guy living in new zealand,he and a few other people behind megaupload are arrested by the F.B.I.
also 3 people from Germany,1 from Estonia,another from Slovakia and they re hunting a few others
megaupload had problems before with UMG universal music group
and the whole "piracy"thingy is pretty on topic lately,so this is the first of many bad things to come i think...
hackers organsiation "anonymous" is already "bombing" all kinds of goverment sites/servers but don't think megaupload will return,just like napster...fucked up!
but for now,grab what you can folks,might be over soon! (ah well,ofal will go on a little private server or something;-0)
and yup,will reupload the last posts to mediafire!


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