zondag 23 september 2012

CULTO DEL CARGO - st 7'' 2012 (italy)

D-beat from italy!
no slow boring crap,but with some great thrashy riffs and filthy vocals! just getting a bit into the whole d-beat stuff so what do i know??? but this is a pretty damn good record!!! go pick it up!
in december these guys will record a couple of new songs for an upcoming split with BRIVIDO from Croatia...
this was send in by the band,so thx for the tunes dudes!
you can download the mp3's from the links in the pics above or here (with corrected title for track #2 ;-0)
and lyrics in english and italian are included as PDF file,unfortunaly i couldn't open/read the english lyric sheet so no clue what their lyrics are about but pretty sure these ain't luv songs so....go figure out yourself!!!!
D.I.Y. or die!
and talking about D.I.Y.
think the band released this by themselves so that really cool!



d/l here:


or through here:


4 opmerkingen:

  1. there is a problem with the sendspace link. however the other link works.

  2. not bad,not bad at all...Btw if you can post something by Unwise (japanese hardcore band) i would be glad :) im searchin for discography,its possible? thanks
    by Samia

  3. Samia,
    the only ones i have are the 1998-1999 7 inches and those came from the damagingnoise blog,only 7 tracks...
    not sure if there's an official discography,but if there's ,i need to hear it!
    ill keep an eye out,sorry