zondag 9 september 2012

SHOXX - demo 2012 & live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio august 22, 2012 (N.Y.)

new band from N.Y. with members from NOMOS (remember their classic demotape?!) /POLLUTION and a few more bands
got an request to record/cut it up so...

normally this type of weird music is not my thing but this gets better each time listening...
demo sounded a bit thin/distorted (volume way too loud) so fooled a bit with it,if you think it sucks,my bad
go look on another blog for the orig version.
track 5-11 are recorded live @ WFMU radio 2 weeks ago or something...
cut up the set into 7 tracks and here ya go

2012 demotape

01-dark cylinder
02-down the toilet
03-sludge seed

live on WFMU 2012

05-sludge seed
06-dark cylinder
07-down the toilet
09-the new red chord
10-carbon cancer

on youtube you can watch a full gig with a more chaotic sound,pretty cool gig so DO IT! yeah too lazy to post link ;-0

maybe i'm gonna fool a bit with the liveset too
first the liveset sounded better as the demo,now the liveset sounds crappier,so when i'm in the mood ill try a few things to make it sound a little cleaner...

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