maandag 17 september 2012

VITAMIN X - about to crack lp OUT NOW! on tankcrimes records!

14 tracks in 19 minutes
after the last lp i didn't knew what to expect...
but after the first tones i knew this 5th lp was going to be a ripper!
there are no changes in music,same good ol' VX but they took good care of the recording/production this time
big name Steve Albini signed for the recordings and he did a great job,every instrument sounds pefect
no shitty drum sound this time
i got nothing to complain about,artwork looks pretty good too,so this one's another fine VX record for in the collection
GO BUY IT! (not too many coz i'm broke as fuck for at least a week,and i need a die hard edition;-0)

listen here:

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