zaterdag 8 september 2012

DEAD INSTRUMENT - violent dead lp 2012 (denmark)

what we have here is a top 10 record for this year!!!
and these guys are from Denmark!

faaast as f#%*! hardcore/fastcore/grindcore and even a little bit of black metal in the last couple of tracks
these 17 tracks will blow you away,9 on side A and 9 on side B
the B side starts even better as the A side,#10 = the best song on the lp but they are all killer.
the last one is a piano outro so you can calm down a bit ;-0
if fastcore/powerviolence/grind is your thing (HELLNATION anyone?) ,go buy this lp,only 300 copies made
just ordered mine here so i suggest you do the same before it's sold out!  link to the shop doesn't work for me but press the mailorder button at the top of the page and you'll find it...

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