zondag 2 september 2012

SIN NOMBRE - live @ the AA and KC,baltimore-MD september 22nd, 2009 (NJ)

they played these 2 tracks as a suprise,they were not supposed to play that night but ANTI ARMADA played and SIN NOMBRE is also from Elizabeth-NJ so...probably have some ANTI ARMADA members in it also...??
bummed it are only 2 tracks....
a couple more bands played that night,think ill cut em all up and will post em all together in one folder on here when done...


more info/tunes here:


contact SIN TEMORES records for info on the ANTI ARMADA 7'' & lp & aso the SIN NOMBRE 7''
and saw they did something with AMARGO too,for those who don't know em,this was the band after/with HUASIPUNGO members and their demo was really good,hope they released it on vinyl,so ask about that one too if you like your latino hc real pissed!


or direct through

s1ntemores at FUCK SPAM yahoo dot com

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