woensdag 14 augustus 2013

NEGATIVE YOUTH / SADISTIC YOUTH - life is like a drunken orgy in hell/tale of the two titties 1987-1988 demo's cd-r (NJ)

just found out NEGATIVE YOUTH changed their name after the 1987 demo and released the "tales of  the two titties' 1988 demo as SADISTIC YOUTH

NateGLOOM recs posted the 1988 demo on his blog
and reconized the logo/po box,its the same as negative youth's so tried to dl it but link was dead...but on slsk somebody was sharing it,so "cleaned/boosted"
link is still dead on tpm...so here ya go! hilarious stuff! 19 tracks,43 minutes of filth lol,this is my thing,yeah im a little pervert,cant help it.;-0

negative/sadistic youth - 1987-1988 demo's

edit: bumped/new link:


oh yeah,Vin bloggedquarterred mentioned they have a 3rd demo too,anyone who has it ,post link and you rule forever!
and almost forgot...


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  1. nothing wrong with being a little perv dan,welcome to the club! haha

    shows u have a sense of humour.

  2. didn't know you were a member too,but good to have some company!

    Dan a.k.a. the dirty rotten imbecile

  3. any way you could possibly re-upload this please?

  4. sure,tomorrow you can stream & dl it from the archive.org


  5. sorry,been lazy but check back in 30 minutes!
    than you can press on a link that leads you to the archive where you can stream & download it,uploading it NOW!

    sorry for the delay


  6. press on the link
    on the left side of your screen you see in blue lettering "VBR zip"
    click on it and save to your comp wherever you store your music/porn...;-0