vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

ALERTA! - demo 2013 (BCN-spain)

finally scored a copy of this ripper.
and yep,another great band from Spain. 
this is their 10 track demotape,released in may.
this isnt punky like alot of the stuff thats coming out of spain lately but faaast hc,like KARKABA 
this one goes in the top10 of 2013 demo's for sure.

tapes will sell out quick i think,only 100 made,silkscreened j-card + button & its on sale too
so what are you still doing here? 

more info go here:

new 7'' will be out soon on TRABUC RECORDS & IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS too if i'm not mistaken,split label release...

keep an eye out for it,MALDITO PAIS 7'' out now on TRABUC! 


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