donderdag 22 augustus 2013

F.U.C.T. (FEAST UPON CACTUS THORNS) - 1988-1989 demo's

picture taken by: Dan Hoffman

dl these from the screams from the gutter blog yrs ago,think theyre offline now coz whole blog changed,but glad i saved it.
just before i went offline 4 months ago,i talked to a band member,he was glad he finally found the recordings online,promised to clean/cut the recordings and let him know so he could add titles...
but in those 4 months i had a bad temper,kicked the shit out of my computer,so i lost alot of things that were in that comp,i dont care about losing mp3's and stuff,they have no value to me so im only bummed i lost a few programs and my userlist from slsk,he was in there too,dont remember password so here are the recordings.
maybe he will read this one day and hope he can help out with the titles,would be nice
should be also a demo out there with a 15 minute track at the end,where they had a bit too much LSD so they freaked out on their instruments for 15 minutes and recorded it,LSD soaked session ;-),but never heard/could find it,would be cooool to hear it.
but rambling again...
crossover stuff,great guitar riffs,too bad they never released a record of these tracks in '89...
here's the 1989 demo,version 2! 2 other demo's will follow soon.

edit: old post,bumped it coz i got an email from the bassplayer
hopefully titles and more info soon...they recently played a benefit show

you can listen/download it here as a 1 track.

ill post a new link on the when im done/titles are added,so you can stream/download it...
patience my dear comrades.


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