woensdag 14 augustus 2013

WAKING THE DEAD a.k.a. NO MERCY - live @ the grenada theater,dallas-TX may 7, 2013 (venice)

2013 & still cyco.

Mike Clark - vocals/guitar
Deven Pahl - bass
Rob Woods - drums


01-i'm your nightmare
02-master of no mercy
03-widespread bloodshed
04-choosing my own way of life
05-we're evil
06-in the pit
07-waking the dead

awesome gig with that typical NO MERCY guitarsound & Mike is doing a good job on vocals too.
luv it.
can't wait for newer recordings.

stream & download here:

WTD = NO MERCY!!! yep,NO MERCY  is back,re release of widespread bloodshed + 2 bonus in the near future and theyre also working on a new record,gonna be gooooooood! 

next :
SUCIDAL in Jakarta Indonesia 2013 sbrd.
check back soon!


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