zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

THE BROOD - st lp 1986 (venice-CA) new link!

happy new year fuckers!!!
2012 and we're still crazy & proud!
so time for some venice hc-crossover

THE BROOD - has a ex member of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH (John Flitcraft)
and 2 members that went on to UNCLE SLAM
maybe some played for ST too...not sure,lp came out on PROFILE recs (who also did CRO-MAGS-LEEWAY etc)
pretty damn good record with one annoying accoustic track,"hidden fears".. but you can't go wrong with tracks like "good vs evil" etc
this reminds of the best parts of NO MERCY/SUICIDAL
even the vocals are in the Mike Muir style,if this would have come out with the ST logo on it this could have been the "join the army"record ;-0,
to be honest,i think this is better as join the army,production issue maybe...
but i'm typing way too much already
here you have it

01-call of the dog
02-born to lose
04-screaming for life
05-hidden fears
06-the fine line
07-good vs evil
09-i can't take it
10-the calm
11-stormin' the city
12-going out in style

Jonathan Nelson - vocals-lead guitar
Todd Moyer - lead guitar-backing vocals
John Flitcraft - bass-backing vocals
Amery Smith - drums,percussion-backing vocals

request: anyone can scan the insert of the lp,i don't have it...thx in advance! 

edit: 2012 post,bumped it-new link! 


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  1. Fantastic!! As a huge Uncle Slam fan I have been trying to find this one for ages - cheers !!

  2. could you get a mediafire link? megaupload link is gone :(

  3. Embalmer of the Light21 mei 2012 om 07:51

    can you please re up this one. Remember seeing this back in the day , but have never heard it.

  4. Hello my friend, any chance for a re-uplaod of this great classic stuff ?

    Best regards.


  5. Absolute AMAZING your site bro, thanks a lot for the music you share here.