vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

DYNAMO - demo-animal instinct 7''-police state 7'' + live on WFMU radio 1996-1999 (NY)

the stuff you would expect on blogged and quartered...
ICEMEN/UNDERDOG members,or Carl with a few roadies,Vin should do a post on em,he s good in finding/writing info,im a lazy fuck ;-0

this thingy includes the demo from '96?

01-cold world
02-time takes it's toll
03-together we stand
04-my own rules
05-face your fears
06-my rage

 animal instinct 7'' from '97

07-animal instinct
08-together we stand
09-playin' for keeps
10-raised on hate
11-you're gonna get yours

police state 7'' from '99

12-thou shall not kill
13-police  state
15-wrong side

live on WFMU radio august 24, 1996

17-thou shall not kill
18-police state
19-you're gonna get yours

rest of the set was damaged...if you have a good one,without the "skips" lemme know!

7 inches are good! think killing time mixed with antidote...demo is different,actually only 1 track from that one gives me a hard carrot,the other tracks have solo's and some other stuff i can't stand,but time takes its toll = a badass track,but here you have all 3.
have fun.

edit: 2011 post but bumped with a new link on the archive

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  1. Hello Dan,the link was deleted, can you re-upload of this great stuff ?

    I hope you can ;).

    Cheers from Chile.